Time Passing Exhibition

Exhibition: Friday 2nd November 2012
In January 2011, Gunhild started a new theme: shooting series of photographs at regular intervals from the same point of view to document changes that happen at a particular location. Each series of small photos is shown in one large frame.
At first, the period shown in each series was rather short, 1 or 2 hours to one day. For the exhibition at The Moseley Exchange she turned to documenting changes that happen over the course of one year with one photo taken each  month. As subjects, she chooses images of nature, mainly from parks in Birmingham. Through her photos she documents the changes in vegetation over the course of one year. 2011 was not a typical year: spring came early (trees were in full leaves by April) and there was no real winter (the grass was still green in December).
Gunhild was born in 1968. She studied fine art at Gesamthochschule Kassel in Germany and at Birmingham City University. She has concentrated on photography since 200o. Since then she has had solo exhibitions at Bilston Craft Gallery in 2010 and 2011.