Andy Baker

Andy Baker
Artists, Exchange Member
Owner; Andy Doodles Baker

All your cartoon, illustration and animation needs covered!

“Born in a cave and raised by meerkats, Andy started drawing at a very early age. After years of doodling on the walls of their cave, his parents (now quite old in meerkat years) sent him off to school with his own kind in the hope that he would become a doctor or something. Sadly his parents hopes were dashed and a career in the arts beckoned.

In 2002 Andy’s talent secured him a place on StripSearch, a Birmingham-based initiative designed to find and nurture young comic book illustrating talent. During this course he was mentored by comic book talents such as, John McCrea, Hunt Emerson and James Hodgkins. It is with James Hodgkins that Andy went on to run The British International Comic Show, one of the UK largest Comic Conventions.

All the while Andy has been active in all areas of the creative sector. His talents have been used by the likes of Kerrang!, Npower, Business Link, and MANY more. He’s Caricatured his way through Bars, Clubs, Weddings and Bar-Mitzvah’s. He teaches kids, big and small, how to draw Cartoons and Caricatures and he makes a mean Thai Massaman Curry.

His Mum and Dad now live in a lovely retirement home in Dudley Zoo!”