Ian McCall
Charity & Non-Profit, Grants & Funding, IT, Learning, Exchange Member

Ian is the CEO of BeLf, (Birmingham e-Learning Foundation) – a charity that focuses on closing the Digital Divide. He gets to be CEO because he’s the only real employee. BeLF grants the funds to schools to pay for thousands of devices (mainly iPads these days), to kids in schools in inclusive schemes, supported by thousands of donors/parents who give us donations of £10-20/month.

Used to be a very nasty outsourcer in the global manufacturing sector. So all that stuff about Process Improvement, JIT/Kanban, Off-shoring and Rightshifting, and all the other buzzwords for making people work harder/longer for less, or getting someone else to do the job more cheaply. It was a living, and after a huge crisis of conscience, I moved into Teaching/Education and Charity.