Peter Travis

Peter Travis
Languages, Learning, Exchange Member
Founder; Splendid Learning

My name’s Peter Travis. I write English exam materials, offer online and face-to-face English exam preparation classes and enjoy helping organisations bring their ELT projects to a successful conclusion.

I’ve had a long career in EFL, teaching in Portugal, Greece and in a further education college in the UK. In the mid 90s I co-authored ‘Candidate for FCE’ and ‘Candidate for CAE’ for Prentice Hall. Over the past 3 years, I’ve worked with Harper Collins to author ‘Practice Tests for PET‘ (Cambridge English Preliminary) and ‘Practice Tests for FCE‘ (Cambridge English: First). I have also co-authored 2 further titles for Harper Collins, ‘IELTS Practice Tests‘ & ‘IELTS Practice Tests 2‘.

I’ve spoken at various regional and national EFL events across the country and have also run workshops on the use of new technology. (In addition to ELT events I’ve worked with Birmingham City Council on their ‘Wired up to Wellbeing‘ pilot project, which aimed to enable libraries and library staff to support the over 50s in the use of the Internet.)

I currently run several ELT websites including and