Shadows Wandering – Photography Exhibition by Gunhild Thomson

Coming soon in 2020: January 6th to January 31st

Each art work consists of a series of photos taken on one sunny day in May or August 2019. The images show 2 different locations in Handsworth/Birmingham: Handsworth Park and Bacchus Park.

Starting shortly after sunrise the artist returned to the same locations at regular intervals (every 1 and ½ or every 2 hours) to take a photo from exactly the same point of view until shortly before sunset. Over the course of the day the shadows grow, shrink and grow again and wander from one side to the other.

The Bike Project

We are now a drop-off point for The Bike Project!

The Bike Project takes second-hand bikes, fixes them up and donates them to refugees and asylum-seekers.

The UK is bursting with opportunities – but it’s also expensive. Especially when you’re a refugee trying to navigate the complex asylum process on just £37 a week. The Bike Project believes that no one should have to choose between eating a square meal and catching the bus. That’s why The Bike Project gives donated bikes.

Having fled persecution and atrocity in their country of origin, most refugees arrive in the UK with absolutely nothing. A bike helps access food banks, legal advice, healthcare, education and much more. If lucky enough to receive official refugee status, a bike can help to find employment.

As one bike beneficiary puts it:
“When you have to go from charity to charity to feed yourself, a bike becomes very important to your life.”

To Donate a Bike

The Bike Project relies on a steady flow of donated bikes from members of the public. A small proportion of the bikes get sold to fund the charity.

We’re really pleased the Moseley Exchange is now a bike drop-off point for The Bike Project.

You can bring an old bike to us at any time during our regular opening hours of 8.30am to 7pm weekdays; no need to make an appointment.

We accept whole kids’ and adults’ bikes, not parts or accessories. A whole bike is defined as having all or almost all of the components, including both wheels, no broken frames and no more than 25% rust. The bike must not have a bent or cracked frame.

We’ll ask you to fill in a Gift Aid donation form if possible, or you can fill in the form online at: Bike Project Gift Aid form>

Find out more about The Bike Project>

Recycling Point

We are pleased to be part of a network of local recycling points.

At the Moseley Exchange we can take the following items which can’t be recycled in the usual household recycling bins:

  • Crisp packets and crisp tubes
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes
  • Contact lenses and packaging
  • Bread packaging
  • Cigarette waste
  • Currency; old or current
  • Laptops and electronics
  • Mobile phones
  • Jewellery
  • Stamps; old or current
  • Batteries

We’re glad to help you to help the environment!