Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme

Wednesday 23rd October, 6.30pm

Are you aged between 18-30?

Are you unemployed or working fewer than 16 hours a week?

Do you have a business idea?

If the answer is yes to the above questions then don’t miss out on the Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme discussion @MoseleyExchange to find out more. The Enterprise Programme can help you decided whether self-employment is right for you. It can offer you:

• Training to give you a taste of what you need to know & do to start your own business.

• One-to-one support to help you explore, test your idea & turn it into a business plan.

• Support to apply for low interest loans to help you to start your business.

• Mentoring to help you to develop & grow your business.

The following people are not eligible: gap year students, recent graduates (graduated less than six months ago), those with a postgraduate degree (e.g. a Masters) or a professional qualification.

Moseley Exchange, 149-153 Alcester Rd, Moseley, B’ham, B13 8JP
Contact: 0121 449 8585 to book your FREE place.

Coworking Lunch

Last Friday was another successful Free Lunch Friday at the Exchange. Thank you to Jim & Sarah Brooks for providing another delicious lunch for everyone.

We are looking for a volunteer to make next months free lunch… if you are interested and would like to share your culinary speciality with us then get in touch.


We need some help for Meteor Ford Site

The Meteor Ford Site Artwork has been commissioned by local community groups: Moseley Forum, Moseley Society, Mosley in Bloom, Moseley Farmers’ Market and Moseley Community Development Trust and has been supported by Birmingham City Council.

These groups have worked with local Artist, Mohammed Ali – Aerosol Birmingham Ltd. He is internationally known for his street art and he has kindly donated time and energy to making this project a reality.

Community groups and residents in Moseley have considerable pride in their neighborhood and want to make sure that it continues to be a pleasant place to live and for people to visit. Therefore, they have come together to improve the appearance of vacant building sites in and around the shopping centre with murals. We wish to develop a landmark that celebrates living in Moseley, lifts the spirit of residents and attracts visitors to the village centre.

Unfortunately this artwork has been sabotage and it needs to be restore. If you wish to make a donation towards the cost of this work please contact Moseley Community Development Trust –