‘Progression’ Exhibition

In March Neil Iwanicki put on his very own Art exhibition!
On show was some of the work he did when at University, including mono-prints and illustrations, as well as his most recent work of Collage Art, where he has been taking scraps of paper and producing some abstract pieces.

The exhibition took place at The Moseley Exchange,

Neil has his own website where you can view some of his Art – www.neil-a-iwanicki.co.uk


That’s a Nice Hat! by Natalie Ann

Opening Night. 4th of July , 6.30 pm

Exhibition from 4th of July until the 4th of September

This is an exhibition to celebrate and launch Natalie Ann’s brand new book set to be released the end of July. You will have exclusive access before everyone else, the first people to see her new book That’s a Nice Hat! Written and Illustrated by Natalie Ann. A Story of an owl who’s the envy of all the crowd because of his stripy red hat. Questions are asked, lessons are learnt, eye brows are raised but in the end everyone is quite happy to give it a go their selves.

Within the exhibition you will also get the chance to preview hints of other books to come.

Her new website with new artwork and stories will also be released leading up to this event, giving you an idea of what to expect.

The opening night will be from 6:30 on the 4th of July, with nibbles and refreshments. Don’t worry if you can’t attend the opening night Natalie Ann will be there for two months exhibiting. If you can make it, please come and take a look at this exhibition of fun, exciting, imaginative artwork and stories.

There will be a chance to buy copies of the book before it is available online and in stores, exclusive prints, cards, gifts and other novelty fun items for the kids will also be available.



Bethan Lloyd, ‘Attention Seeker’

17 of January – 14 of March

Opening times     Monday-Thursday 9.00- 19.00; Friday 9.00 – 18.00

Opening 17th of January 20.00 – 21.30

Bethan Lloyd is a Conceptual Textiles Artist and recent BCU Graduate with First Class BA (Hons) Fine Art. Bethan’s work utilizes people’s personal accounts of their experiences with mental illnesses to create emotionally charged Textile Installations. In her most recent work, the text is embroidered onto a synthetic material called Lutradur and de-constructed leaving suspended text ribbons. The result is a series of delicate and ephemeral text sculptures which are juxtaposed with the tragic subject of attempted suicide. ”It is as obvious as a train wreck and as subtle as breathing” Jessica Rankin.

She is in  a process of applying to do an MA in Art Therapy, so that could always put in somewhere if you wanted

Attention Seeker ‘Attention Seeker’ is a un-edited personal account of attempted suicide. It forms part of an investigation into the narratives of the emotional pain experienced by mentally ill people. She felt that it was necessary for the viewer to experience the text in its entirety to establish a relationship with it and the story and they decided to re-write the account word for word on fabric with a sewing machine. She aimed to restore the intimacy of account whilst keeping her own interpretation to a minimum. The pages open for all to read and form their own opinions…