Moseley CDT

The Moseley Exchange is an enterprise set up by the Moseley Community Development Trust.

Moseley CDT is community-led, aiming to be independent whilst looking for practical answers to local problems to achieve sustainable solutions.

They are:

  • Focused on the neighbourhood of Moseley
  • Under community control
  • Tackling the whole picture
  • Not for private profit
  • Working toward financial independence

Some of their goals are to assist people into employment as well as providing financial assistance and business advice to those unemployed to help their employment situation and any potential business ventures they plan to go on.

Other areas they assist are the Environment, Voluntary sector, Health, Community Development, and Education and Training.


Moseley Community Development Trust is an independent charity and company limited by guarantee, founded in 2001 by the Moseley Society and the central Moseley Neighbourhood with help from the Moseley and District Churches Housing Association.

Read more about the Moseley CDT on their website here.