August Activities

Pregnancy Yoga    /   Monday   / 18:00 – 19:00
Big and little yoga can begin as early as pregnancy and continues as your child grows from newborn to confident crawler. It promotes a sense of joy and playfulness, nourishment and nurture as both parents and children find their feet.
Iyengar Yoga   /  Wednesday / 18:30
Yoga for adults. Classes will introduce you to a range of yoga postures to improve strength,  flexibility, circulation, breathing and digestion. Better concentration and emotional health may accompany your gains in physical fitness.
 Councillor Advice Surgery /  Thursday  /  18:00
Regular Councillor surgery sessions are held every Thursday.
Creative Writing Classes / Thursday / 12.30
Got something to say on paper? Or are you stuck with your creative writing and want to take it to the next level? Write Yourself Alive is an opportunity for new and more experienced writers to take a fresh look at writing poetry and prose as part of a small group, drawing inspiration from real life and the imagination, learning from your own practice and an experienced tutor.
Pranic Healing Meditation / Friday 7th 
Pranic Healing can help with both physical and psychological conditions. So whether its aches, pains, migraines or lack of motivation, stress, fears & phobias or addictions Pranic Healing can help and assist the body own innate ability to heal and repair itself.
Gnosis / Friday 21st and 28th
Gnosis is a form of “common Sense” with regards to how we live our lives intelligently, but paradoxically this “common sense” uses the superior sense of Imagination, inspiration, intuition and Self -awareness (self-observation) to help us with everyday life situations. session includes a talk, a practice and Q&As afterwards.
If you are interests in running a workshop, event or training programme at the Moseley Exchange, get in touch.