We are now managing our coworking space with Cobot. This new system will help us all to be more efficient and also more interactive.
As soon we have it up and running you will be able to 
  • Update your address and email details
  • Change your membership plans
  • Raise an issue to the team if you want to make a suggestion or if you have any problem we can deal with
  • See if a meeting room is available and you can book yourself on them remotely
  • Look other coworkers profile and be able to contact with them.
  • Update your own coworking profile
  • View the events we are having at the Exchange 

At the moment we are setting up the system and updating all the information on invoices, room hire and events. For this reason, please ignore for now the invoice plan and the room hire. But it will be great if you can have a look into your profile and update your latest information at the same time that you get familiar with the new system. 

If you want to know more about it, don’t hesitate to contact with any of us.