‘CONTRASTS’ Art Exhibition

Opening 8 November, 7.30 pm

8 November – 20 December 2016


Works by Paula Gabb and Paul Turner

The CONTRASTS art exhibition brings together West Midlands Artists Paula Gabb & Paul Turner in an exhibition that sets out to show the contrasting styles, approach and palette of these two artists.

From the vivid colours of Paula’s impasto oils to Paul’s use of the monochrome scale, each artist sets out to show how a differing approach to producing artwork can provide synergy in subject and a startling contrast to the viewer’s eye.


Paula is inspired by the beauty of the British countryside and the architecture, towns & cities; painting is my passion, I love the rich layered texture that lends three dimensional aspects to the landscape, cityscapes and urban environments and reflecting changes in lighting and tone.

Painting has allowed Paula to express herself in ways that would otherwise not have been possible due to suffering from Dyslexia / Verbal Dyspraxia.

Paula’s work is sought after by collectors locally and globally and is valued for its vibrancy, spontaneity and colour


Born in Birmingham, Paul has been privileged to live and travel around the world, before settling down in rural West Midlands. Paul works in pastels, acrylics and ink; his subjects are varied and encompass animals, musicians and stylised images of people. Paul has called upon his experiences of life through travel, music, and people he has met along the way to create his work.

The CONTRASTS Exhibition brings a body of new monochrome work by Paul, which uses light and shade to celebrate the human face form.

Paul’s work has been sold to collectors within the UK, Europe, USA and Australia.

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