Elliot’s work experience at the Exchange

Over the last two weeks I have been working at the Moseley CDT for my work experience. It has been very enjoyable as well as informative as I now have a general experience of what it is like to work in an office. My main task has been creating a movie to advertise what the Moseley CDT does and what the exchange does as well as showing general information about Moseley as a whole which has been very interesting for me as I am not from Moseley so I do not know a lot about the area and its history.

On top of my video project I have been helping others around the office doing work such as counting coins from donations and helping with finance tasks. Although this was not as interesting as making a video it was useful for the future as I will be experienced in these tasks and also it gives me a general idea of what work in the office is like. I also created a newsletter that was sent out to all of the people that were subscribed to the time bank newsletter which was interesting to create.