Moseley Arts Market 2016


March, April, May, June & July

Booking procedures for 2016

This year’s markets will be divided into 2 seasons

  • Season 1. March, April, May, June, and July (deadline for applications Friday 26th Feb)

  • Season 2. August, September, October, November and December (deadline for applications Monday 18th July )



Moseley Arts Market was established to provide opportunities for people working in the creative industries supporting Designer/Makers, Artists and Artisans who produce their own work and have few other outlets for it. The Market is held from 9am to 3pm on the LAST Saturday of the month, March to December. In 2016 we will still supply 10ft by 4ft stalls.

Stall Prices for Season 1 March – July will be – £51 per stall

Selection Criteria

  • Suitability of your work: Priority is given to professional or semi professional designer makers creating items from raw materials. This will include (as example only) artists and photographers creating original pieces of art and related prints, metal workers and silversmiths forming jewellery and sculptures from unshaped metal, textile artists creating their own fabrics (including weavers, knitters, spinners and felt makers etc), potters throwing clay or sculpting, and woodworkers turning or carving blocks of wood. Provided that materials are of a high quality and considerable knowledge and expertise is demonstrated we will also consider; Textile artists designing and sewing accessories, toys etc; makers of original cards. No bought in or imported crafts are traded at Moseley Arts Market and commission based agents are not accepted.

  • Prices: It is expected that products are priced confidently in line with the rest of the market and that both time and materials are accounted for.

  • Your existing opportunities: Priority will be given to those it is believed will benefit the most from the opportunity.

  • Public Liability Insurance: Your application will only be considered if you provide evidence that you are insured for third party public liability to the value of £5000,000 min.

Selection is at the discretion of the Market Co-ordinator.

How the market works

Demand is extremely high to trade at Moseley Arts Market. Successful application does not guarantee an ongoing or regular place on the market. Each season, applications will be considered in the light of the stated criteria and working knowledge of artists / makers and their work.

Enquiries & Application

  • Application forms are available from Moseley Community Development Trust’s website Forms are updated every season so please ensure you have downloaded / used the latest version.

  • Applications should be accompanied by:

    • Payment. Please make cheques payable to BOFFY ARTS MARKETS LTD A separate cheque should be written for each market and post dated for 2 weeks prior to the event. Please write (in pencil) the date of the market to which the cheque relates on the back of the cheque.

All new applicants should also include 5 high quality, representative images of their work or a web address where their work can be seen


  • Cheques accompanying unsuccessful applications will be shredded.

  • Applications and payments should be returned to Boffy Arts Markets, Merrow House, Moorend Cross, Mathon, Herefordshire WR13 5PR

and marked for the attention of the Moseley Market Co-ordinator.

  • In the first instance, enquiries should be made to Rebecca Boffy via email at [email protected] Please clearly begin your email with ‘Moseley Arts Market’

For more complex or urgent enquiries, please contact Steve Boffy on 01886 880125 or

07971 372278.

Next Steps

  • If accepted you will receive confirmation by email. Unsuccessful applicants will also be emailed.

  • Your details will be added to the traders email group and be kept up to date with market news and details of other opportunities.

  • Three days prior to each market you will receive an email confirming the forthcoming event and giving you any last minute updates.

  • At the end of the first trading day the Market Co-ordinator will discuss your experience and success. This is particularly important to new traders who should see their first market as probationary.

  • It should be noted that Moseley Arts Market runs for most of the year and applications/enquires to only trade during the Christmas period (September to December) are unlikely to be successful.

Waiting Lists

  • A waiting list is created for each month should any cancellation spaces become available.


  • All exhibitors are required to carry adequate public liability insurance (£5m) and may be asked to provide documents when requested on market days. A number of specialist insurers offer trader insurance at very competitive rates. If in doubt ask Becky for details.

  • Exhibitors are responsible for their goods, actions, and equipment: compliance with health and safety regulations, trading standards and common law.

  • In the event of a market being cancelled by us artist fees will be returned or (if preferred) credited towards future events.

  • The market is promoted as a showcase for local artist and makers producing handmade original work. The reputation of the market is extremely important to us and the future success of this venture. In the light of these ambitions, we insist that work shown is made by yourself and original. Anyone ‘buying in’ manufactured goods and selling them on will be excluded from this market. If in doubt about this condition, please ask.


Moseley Arts Market – other related events: ‘Moseley On the Move’

Since 2012 Moseley Arts Market has been working with Colmore Business District to stage a series of markets in Birmingham City Centre. Located in the grounds of St Phillips Cathedral in Colmore Row, the markets have grown and now feature as a regular part of the market calendar. This year’s Colmore Row Markets will be all be on the following dates:

Friday 18th March: 9am-5.30pm

Friday 27th May: 9am – 5.30pm

Friday 9th September: 9am – 5.30pm

Friday 9th December: 9am-5.30pm

To be eligible for Colmore Row markets, exhibitors must be either existing Moseley Arts Market traders or trading on our other Arts Markets (to be considered as guests).


*£50 per stall for March, May and September and £60 per stall for December (includes lighting)

Please note that any artist booking all of the Colmore Row markets will be given a discount of £10 per stall, per day. This generous discount is possible due to the ongoing sponsorship offered by Colmore Business District. This offer only applies if all markets are booked and paid for at the beginning of the year.

To book stalls for Colmore Row market please email Rebecca Boffy at [email protected]

2016 Trader Booking Form Season 1

Please complete this form and return for the attention of:

The Moseley Market Co-ordinator – Boffy Arts Markets, Merrow House, Moorend Cross, Mathon, Herefordshire. WR13 5PR


Trading name:


Website/links to images:



Postal address:

H ave you previously exhibited at Moseley Arts Market: Yes No

Description of your work and how it is made:

Your level of involvement in production:

Markets you wish to apply for (please tick):

M arch 26th

A pril 30th

M ay 28th

J une 25h

J uly 30th

Public Liability Insurance (min £5000,000) is required to trade at the Arts Market

Public Liability Provider:

PLI Start Date:

Expiry Date:

I have read and agree to the Selection Criteria and Terms and Conditions and wish to be included in the accepted traders list for 2016 Season 1.


Boffy Arts Market Ltd – 9987743


Payment received and correct: Y N New Trader: Y N CS ……………………



Terms and Conditions of Trading:

You may only trade in products described above, which have been made by yourself and as the artist maker, you are expected personally to man your stall.

Your stall should be attractively presented; at the very least the wooden board must be covered with a clean, plain fabric covering (allowing sufficient fabric to hang down to the floor in order to hide anything stored beneath)

Trading in season 1 will be from 9am until 3pm (times may vary depending on weather and are at discretion of Market

Co-ordinator) You should arrive in plenty of time to set up. Should you be delayed, we will hold your space until 9:30 am after which we will ask neighbouring traders to fill the space at no cost to them or your stall may be re-allocated at the manager’s discretion. On arrival, names will be displayed on stalls. Please do not remove or exchange name labels / stalls. Considerable thought goes in to setting out the stalls and placing artists so that people are not next to similar work (or genre) and so that everyone moves around the market (avoiding favourite place syndrome)

As you can imagine this is complicated when artists ask to be next to friends, opposite specific shops / locations or next to their cars. Such requests will not be welcomed unless there are genuine reasons such as health matters that may prevent you from carrying your stock any distance.

You are responsible for taking payment for your goods, and manning your stall in person. Neither Moseley CDT nor Boffy Arts Markets are responsible for any damage or losses you incur unless caused as a direct result of their action. The stalls and any other market equipment provided are covered for public liability but anything that happens between you, a third party and you products is not. You must be covered by public liability insurance at each market you trade at. It is your responsibility to maintain this and no liability will be accepted by Moseley CDT or Boffy Arts Markets.

Products must be priced to reflect the quality and skill required to create them and not to deliberately undercut other traders.


Payment for each market must be received with this application. Please make cheques payable to BOFFY ARTS MARKETS LTD . A separate cheque may be written for each market but must be post dated for 2 weeks prior to the market to which it relates. Please write (in pencil) the date of the market to which the cheque relates on the back of the cheque.

Unfortunately, once you have paid, stall fees are non refundable should you need to cancel your booking. Please let the Market Coordinator know by email as soon as you know you need to cancel a booking so that our stall contractor can be notified.

Bounced cheques will incur a standard charge of £18 from Boffy Arts Markets which will be used to cover bank charges and additional administration.