The Birmingham Feast: “INNOVATION AND YOUTH. A city with a 1000 ideas”

  • Saturday, 18th April

  • 19:00 – 21:30 

  • Moseley Exchange, 149-153 Alcester Road, Birmingham

  • Dinner Price is £10 and you can bring your own drinks

  • Vegetarian or Meat option available (lets us know what you prefer)

We’re excited to invite you to the first ever Birmingham hub of the largest global dinner party in the world.

One day each year, The Feast Worldwide  rallies over 40+ cities from around the globe to independently host dinner parties that spark collaboration to drive each other’s work forward.

The idea is simple. We’re hosting a dinner around the world and we want to talk about: “INNOVATION AND YOUTH. A city with a 1000 ideas”  how it is possible to be young and innovative in Birmingham

We’re inviting incredible entrepreneurs to share their work making it happen. Choose one to sit with over dinner – and instead of talking about problems, talk about ways to support each other, collaborate, and make the world a tiny bit better.

At the end of the dinner we’ll seal the night with a commitment: one small action we can take to move the world forward.

The Feast Worldwide is about connecting with each other over a simple meal and weighing into a global problem solving session.

To book your space, please contact with us: [email protected]

It’s a movement to get full on good. Hope to see you there!